Food Supplements for Regular People- Necessary or a Marketing Trick?

The majority of people do not need to take supplements. You can get all the micronutrients that your body needs from eating healthy foods. Many people however choose to buy and use food supplements. But there is a risk of over supplementing in this way. The body only requires a small amount of these supplements […]

Bodyweight VS Weight Training – Which One Is Better?

For the longest time, weight training and calisthenics (bodyweight training) have gained a lot of traction and interest, because of their innate ability to change one’s body looks, as well as physical properties like strength and explosiveness. There are people who believe your bodyweight is all you need and then, there are people who religiously […]

Are Pre-Workout Supplements Good For You?

In the past decade, pre-workout booster supplements have gained more and more traction in the fitness world, becoming one of the most potent pump products. Though some pre-workout formulations help you recover in-between sets and after a workout, the most potent and sought-after effect of those products is the increased strength, pump, endurance, and focus. […]

Anaerobic VS Aerobic Training – Which One Is Better?

When it comes to training, whether it is professional sports or general training, there are two main types of activity one can do. Those two types are namely “anaerobic” and “aerobic” training, each of which provides a different stimulus for the body and thus, a different end result. In this article, you’re going to learn […]

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