How will I receive my plans?

Not only will you have full access to tons of videos outling what to do and how to do it, you’ll also get access to our app, where you can see your diet and training regime broken down for you!


Is this a subscription based membership?

Yes, the reason I have chose to do this is so you can continue your progress as maintenance is so important. You have the option of a monthly based program or quarterly. This means the programs are constantly updated with workouts and meals tailored just for you depending on the program of your choosing plus continuous support from myself and my team. The beauty of this is that you are not tied in and you can cancel at anytime.


Who exactly is this membership site aimed at?

We are specifically focused on weight loss! Regardless of your age, weight, height, gender or training background, we can help! We show you how to train, how to prepare food, what supplements to include and most importantly … we explain why! We have worked with thousands of people in the last 12 years so its highly likely that we have helped someone believe and achieve, from your exact same circumstance!


Do I need to be a member of a gym, or can I train from home?

Either! We have content and plans for both home trainers and gym members! We even offer dieting advise based on your profession so that work won’t get in the way!


How do I cancel?

To cancel your subscription you must email myself with at least 7 days notice so that you are not charged again. Please note that when you cancel all plans and support will be removed from your account.


I’m a beginner, is this the right membership site for me?

Yes! We have designed this whole concept on two principles! One, that information is broken down into short and easy to follow videos that are categorised in a way that anyone can understand! And two, that we would make it affordable so that anyone, no matter what their position can jump on board to improve their physical and mental well-being!


What do I get each month?

Training and diet plans as well as access to our video library, e-book library, blogs, articles, courses, a live chat feature and much more! Coaching is also included in this service!
Crazy I know!


Is each month the same?

No! We are consistently updating our content to keep things fresh and value for money!


Refunds and returns.

For information on my refunds and returns policy, please see the terms and conditions.