By far one of our ‘biggest losers’! We helped Jayde through the combination of our online coaching programme and also through face-to-face sessions. She now is a huge inspiration to others and is looking into starting her personal trainer course through the Fit Fast Academy!


A different kind of transformation! Katie came to us slightly shy, yet full of vision and desire, turning dreams into reality! She has since gone on to trim down her physique and level up mentally by placing in her first competition and qualifying as a personal trainer!


Dan is the founder of Fit Fast, a 2 x BB world champion, 4 x UK champion, h46pro cruiserweight boxer, and former regional 100m champion. Dan has utilized the help of the team to become the trainer and athlete he is today and inspires others to do the same!


Jean was advised by medical professionals that he needed to be a certain weight in order to be considered for life-changing treatment. He asked and we delivered! Jean now focuses on fitness, business, and his newly born son!


Wolverhampton’s youngest councilor, devoted community worker, and committed client! Beverley dropped 24lbs with us and as if she didn’t have enough confidence already … is now blooming!


James only wanted to get trim for a holiday but instead achieved a physique many could only dream of. James not only dropped a significant amount of weight but is now mentally on fire and going onto great things.


Scott went from being an average car salesman to not only a UK championship but an international champion in Men’s Physique! He also qualified through the Fit Fast Academy and now has two new careers with part time online personal training being one of them!


Helen came to us short on confidence, unsure about her direction/goals, and is now clear and in control ready to make an impact and do big things!


A mother of 3 who has worked so hard to juggle everything that life has thrown at her and still come out on top with a glowing vibe and inspiring physique! Kerry not only went on to reach new heights but she also qualified as a personal trainer through the Fit Fast Academy! An inspiration to all moms out there who have a dream!


Aman came to us with concerns about something personal, something opposite to what we usually come across, and through our training and guidance, she was able to build confidence in herself, her eating patterns and her ability to start lifting weights. She is now at a more healthy and comfortable weight.


David went from a factory worker with poor eating habits to a Men’s Physique Competitor and qualified personal trainer through the Fit Fast Academy! David is going to set the scene alight and continue to inspire others through his training and diet knowledge!


Committed, devoted, and ready for any challenge. Ant turned things around despite being a ‘hard gainer’. There is much more to follow!


A single mother to a child born with a disability, Zoe has grafted her way to an all-time low weight and has improved not only her physical health but also her mental health! A true inspiration to many!


Wayne went from a small to a large mindset! Wayne not only achieved his physique goals but took on whole new dynamics in his life and is now happy in all areas of it! A true inspiration to many!


A mother of 5 who has overcome physical and mental barriers around food to not only be one of the gyms most acting 3/6 lively characters but also a personal trainer, having qualified through our academy!


Billie was a little shy and unsure at first but having a healthy physique through healthy eating, weights and moderate cardio. She now competes multiple times a year in Cross fit events and came 2nd in her first toned physique competition working alongside us! She has since joined the Fit Fast academy and is now a qualified personal trainer!


A mother of 3 who had mental barriers she had to overcome. We worked closely with Claire through our online coaching programme and what she has achieved is nothing short of amazing! We are continuing to do so and can only imagine where she will end up in the scene!


A mother of 5, committed personal trainer and all round amazing person! We prepped Elenor for her first bikini competition where she competed in the Masters! Yes that’s right the masters! We won’t tell you her age but it’s safe to say she could easily pass for a woman in her 20s! That’s the beauty of health and fitness!


Lais came to us, with very little experience in the gym, speaking very little English and in a job he did not enjoy. He is now the Atlas Men’s Physique champion and qualified as a personal trainer through the Fit Fast Academy. His actions speak for themselves!


Gary came to us with the goal to improve his physique by gaining a bit of muscle. We then guided him through his first photoshoot and enhanced his mindset to one that can achieve anything.


Ganga took what we laid out and ran with it, and did so very well! Not only did he listen but he applied and is going on to great things now!


A top dude who made a noticeable change in weeks and was able to use the knowledge and experience obtained to maintain what he set out to achieve.


Tosin has worked with us not only as a client but also as a student through the Fit Fast Academy. He has gone from an unclear future and body he was unhappy with to a qualified personal trainer with an amazing physique!

We will be helping him prep for his first physique competition in 2022!









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